The Unreliable Friend

I hate how motherhood has made me such an unreliable friend, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Having 3 young kids, a dog, and a husband with a crazy work schedule leaves my social calendar at the mercy of all of their issues.

Last night was nuts, each kid was up at least once during the night, and I slept a total of 3 hours, tops.

Though I was beyond tired, I had been looking forward to a park play date with a friend and her kids. Yes, play dates are fun for kids, but they can be therapeutic for moms! I woke everyone up on time and got everyone ready only to discover my dog decided to get the runs. For real, she had horrific diarrhea. If I did’t take her to the vet, I would have been up cleaning nasty dog crap out of everything I own. It was an absolute must!

I waited a couple hours, hoping the diarrhea would stop… it didn’t. “Sorry, Michelle, I can’t make it today because I have to take my dog to the vet.” I had to text her because if I had called, I would have woken up one of the (finally sleeping) 3 children. I’m sure she read the text saying to herself, “Sure, another excuse!”

Sometimes I wonder if my kids are secretly plotting to cancel or at least make me late to every function. Even if I get us completely ready with time to spare, something will happen on the way out the door to make us unfashionably late.

I honestly wonder if the sight of me dressed with purse and keys in hand is some sort of a laxative for my kids. My 2-year old and baby will suddenly need new diapers, and I’ll hear my preschooler yelling, “Wipe Me!!” from the bathroom.

So, to all my friends out there. I am sorry! Although these “excuses” seem pretty out-there sometimes, I promise I’m not trying to dodge you. My life is nuts, and I live at the mercy of 5 other lives.

Please don’t forget about me. I’ll be able to hang out when they are all in school, unless one of them is sick or I get called in to the principal’s office for something. On second thought, I guess we will hang out when they’re in college.

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