Planning Mommy’s List of Must-Have Toddler Toys

Before you know it, your baby will no longer be a baby. Toddlers are are full of energy and love exploring their surroundings. What’s the best way to encourage your toddler’s development? The right toys! The same group of Planning Mommy’s that gave you the list of Must-Have Baby Toys have gotten together to give you the the 10 Must-Have Toddler Toys.

Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Rampway. This is a toy that my children have played with every day for nearly 3 years. My oldest son got this toy for his first birthday and still plays with it at 4 years old. The ramp is made for the Fisher Price Wheelies, but Matchbox cars work too. This ramp is very sturdy and great for the toddler who isn’t quite steady on his feet. I can’t say enough good things about this ramp! 

Lego Duplos. There are so many great Lego Duplo sets. A great one to start with is the My First Deluxe Box of Fun. This set comes with 2 different figures, animals, cars, and a bunch of different building blocks. The box also doubles as storage for the Lego Duplos. These blocks are the perfect size for toddler hands and a great way for them to use their imaginations. 

B. Wheeee-ls Pull Back Toy Vehicle Set. These 4 chunky vehicles are the perfect introduction to pull back cars. Each vehicle makes it’s own noise and is decoraged in a pleasing, bright color. These vehicles are also soft rubber so falling on them is not a big safety concern. 

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum. This toy will give your toddler hours of fun! This toy comes with 7 different pieces and they all fit inside the big drum. Just like the other B. Toys, this drum set is very colorful and imaginative. 

Fisher Price Little People Farm. This farm set comes with a barn, a farmer and 6 different animals. This barn makes fun animal sounds and plays music. Your toddler can play around with the different animals they enjoy learning so much about. 

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. This ride-on car is definitely a toddler staple. You toddler can sit in this car and be pushed by an adult or move it with their own feet. Toddlers love how this car has a steering wheel, horn, key, and gas cap that opens and closes. This cozy coupe comes in many different designs. You’re sure to find one that is perfect for your toddler!

KidKraft Uptown Kitchen. Toddlers love to copy the people around them, which is why this kitchen is perfect. Your toddler can watch you in the kitchen and then go and make themselves a fun meal just like they watched you cook. This KidKraft kitchen has a nice modern look at would fit nicely in any room. It doesn’t look like a toy, it looks just like Mom and Dad’s kitchen. Melissa and Doug have a bunch of great food options to go along with this kitchen. 

Melissa and Doug Chunky Puzzle. These chunky wooden puzzles are very durable and perfect for toddlers. The shapes puzzle is a great way for your child to learn their shapes and colors! Melissa and Doug have a great line of chunky puzzles like this one that are a great way to teach your child the puzzle basics. 

Baby Stella Doll. I don’t care if you have a boy or a girl, toddlers love playing with baby dolls! They love to feed them and dress them. These dolls have magnets in their mouths that help the toddler feed them a bottle and put a pacifier in their mouths. This doll is also a perfect way to teach your toddler proper baby care before a new sibling arrives. 

Green Toys. There is so much to love about Green Toys. They make all kinds of different trucks, planes, cars and boats. These products are made from 100% recycled plastic and no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings. Your toddler can play with these in the tub or out in the mud. If they get dirty, just put them in the dishwasher to clean them!  

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