Organization: Dress Up Clothes!

Every preschooler I know LOVES to dress up as someone or something else. From superheroes to princesses, they just can’t get enough! Unfortunately, the costumes can easily take over your house. And they come with so many freaking accessories that it’s impossible to keep them from disappearing unless you’ve got a good way to store them. My son will have an epic meltdown if he can’t find the tiny badge to his firefighter costume. He is VERY serious about his career as a firefighter and just cannot play without all of the proper gear.


My boys have Iron Man, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Curious George, Dusty Crophopper, a pilot, a construction worker, a firefighter, a policeman, a chef, a doctor, a football player, and of course a Ninja Turtle. I’d say from the time my oldest son was 3-1/2, dress up was what he played 85% of the time. Get yourself up early on November 1st and hit up the stores when they put their Halloween costumes on sale. Melissa and Doug also have awesome role playing costumes.

When we only had a few different outfits, it was easy to store everything in a big toybox. When the dress up collection began to grow, we needed a better system. I ended up buying an adjustable two rod garment rack, and only put the bottom rack together. I also decided not to put the wheels on the bottom. I got a bin to hold all of the little parts and pieces for the costumes as well.

My son loves that he can step back and look at all his options as he decides where his imagination will take him next. I love that everything is nice and tidy and that I can easily move this portable rack into the closet and out of sight. We’ve eliminated the meltdowns about losing the different accessories because the firefighter badge can’t fall off when the uniform is nicely hung!



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