Organization: Baby’s Records

This morning, my friend (and fellow writer) Michelle and I hosted a baby shower for one of our good friends. I got her my staple gift (minky blanket) I give all…


When Getting Pregnant is Hard: Talking about Infertility

“Just relax, it will happen when it’s time!”

“Have you tried _____??”

“Oh, it took us 3 whole months to get pregnant, I know…


Introducing the bottle….and when it gets refused!

I hear there are babies that seamlessly transition from boob to bottle and back without the bat of an eye. I know nothing of these alleged babies. I dealt with…


Exercise During Pregnancy

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” -Elle Woods

For me, there is not much better than…


The dark side of becoming a mom: Postpartum Depression

I’m a very type A person.  I’m a planner. I’m a learner. I’m organized. I’m always prepared. When I was pregnant with my first child I read ALL the books….


Returning to Work: The Basics

Not surprisingly, the whole concept of returning to work after having a baby starts the day you get pregnant.  I wish we lived in a society that treated maternity leave…


Returning to Work: The Struggle.

The decision to return to work after having a baby is a very emotional one.  For some moms, they have to go back to work. Their family may depend on…


Baby Registry Items: Toys & Activities

This is the really fun section of the registry. These are the items you will use when you start teaching your child how to play. They learn a lot from these items…

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Pregnancy Must-Haves

I’ll never forget when I saw my first positive pregnancy test. I took it about an hour before I had to leave for a week long business trip. We talked…

baby shower gifts

Building the Perfect Registry

The newness of your pregnancy has probably just started to wear off and reality is sinking in. You’re going to have a baby! Holy crap… there are so many items…


Baby Registry Items: Books, Clothes and Keepsakes

This is the smallest section of your registry and some people don’t even register anything in this category. If you do want to put a few things on your registry,…


Baby Registry Items: Diapers, Bathing, and Baby Care

This section of the registry is all about making your baby comfy and safe. There are so many products in this category, just walk down the baby isle in Target…


Baby Registry Items: The Nursery

Each nursery is different, but the staple items will always be the same. Some people put their baby in the nursery the first night they are  home from the hospital,…


Baby Registry Items: Nursing and Feeding

This was a big land of unknown for me when I was setting up my registry. I didn’t know anything about breastfeeding and definitely didn’t have the right stuff at…

Baby in a carrier with toys

Baby Registry Items: Travel

The traveling items you register for are some of the most important ones! Unless you plan to stay in your house until your child is a year old, you will…


Sharing Your Miscarriage

I never understood why miscarriages were such a hush-hush topic. When you go through your own, it feels like you’re one in a million dealing with this type of loss,…