Organization: The Family!

I don’t care if you are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, organization is KEY to your sanity. The organization begins the second you become a mom. You need to be a “Planning Mommy” on all fronts: schedules, cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping…

I’ve created what I call “Mommy’s Happy Place.” I don’t have an office in our house, so I just took over a wall right in from the garage. If I didn’t have this wall, I would be a lot more stressed, and possibly insane. I clearly don’t do well with chaos. I like to stand in front of my “Happy Place” each morning, coffee in hand, and pray I can get everything done without any major hiccups.

My happy place has 4 key components: The Family Menu, The Weekly Tasks Chart, The 2 Week Calendar of Events, and The Personal Storage.

The Family Menu


This did take a little upfront work, but now that it’s done, It is quite easy to maintain. I bought a magnetic calendar/whiteboard with some extra space on the side. 

I then typed up all of the meals I currently make on 1-1/4″ squares that I then laminated and cut out. Sticking a magnet on the back was all I needed to finish it off! On the cork board section, I print off the monthly school menu and the meals I have frozen in our deep freeze.

The Weekly Tasks Chart


I was sick of feeling like my house was never clean and didn’t want to hire a cleaning service. So, I broke up the things I wanted to do each week into daily tasks  I could actually manage to get done with 3 at home. All you need to do is print off your own list or use Planning Mommy’s Weekly Tasks Chart. Put that printed chart into an 8×10 frame (you’ll have to trim the paper to fit) and use dry erase markers on the glass to check off the things you’ve gotten done!

The 2 Week Calendar of Events


Managing the appointments, events, birthdays, and activities for 5 people and a dog takes a large amount of organization and coordination. I purchased a magnetic-dry erase weekly planner and drew a line across the middle with a permanent marker, giving me 2 weeks. Each Sunday I go through and figure out where everyone needs to be and when! 

The Storage Bins


I got the Oh-Snap Pockets by Thirty One. They were on special one month and so I was able to get one embroidered for each of us without breaking the bank. (They are normally $15 so they are very affordable even at full retail price.) I hung them on a curtain rod and now I have the perfect way to keep permission slips and papers organized and off the counters! 

I hope these help give you some ideas for your own “Happy Place.” I’d love to hear what you do to keep your family organized and yourself sane!

One thought on “Organization: The Family!

  1. This is really great! I have tried to get organized before but all the lists and papers just end up piled in a decorative box on the counter! It seems no matter how much meal planning I do, I’m still at a loss with “what’s for dinner”? And am at the store 3 time a week. We eat a lot of produce and I can’t keep it stocked. I’m not looking forward to the winter when there is snow on the roads and I’m afraid to drive. I guess we will starve 😆.

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