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This morning, my friend (and fellow writer) Michelle and I hosted a baby shower for one of our good friends. I got her my staple gift (minky blanket) I give all new mommies, but I wanted to do a little something extra. Since she’s been my guinea-pig through the launch of, I decided to make her a Baby Records Organizer so she could keep all of the baby’s important information together in one spot. She can easily take this file to the hospital when she has her baby girl and even take it to the baby’s pediatrician visits after she’s born. The hope is that all of the important information will be organized and easily accessible.

To do this, I bought a simple 13-pocket organizer and labeled them as follows: Delivery & Postpartum, Dental, Growth Chart, Insurance, Medications, Milestones & Firsts, Nursing & Feeding, Parenting Info, Pediatrican Visits, Shot Records, Traveling, and Keepsakes. 

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After I had the folder and labels, I began to create sheets for her in each of the categories. Check out what I put in each section…


Delivery & Postpartum

For the first section, I put a list of things she may want to pack and take to the hospital. I made a fairly generic list but left a bunch of open lines for her to fill in as she wishes. Also in this section, I included a delivery details sheet. This is something her husband can fill in during labor. My husband took amazing notes during all 3 of my labors, and I really enjoy looking back at them.

For postpartum care, I put in my Mommy Sleep Chart. Making sure I got enough sleep was key in helping me recover from giving birth. It’s important to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Since you will not be getting 8 hours at a time, keep track of all your little naps and make sure they total 8 hours each day.

Hospital Packing List
Hospital Packing List

Delivery Details
Mommy's Sleep Chart
Mommy’s Sleep Chart


In this section I put a copy of a teething chart from the bump website. She can also put different records from the dentist in this section.

Growth Chart

I  know there are usually growth charts in the baby’s memory book, but I wanted to include a simple one in here too. I am really bad at updating my baby book, but quickly jotting stats down on a piece of paper seems much simpler.

Growth Chart
Growth Chart


Obviously this section will be used for insurance paperwork and/or bills.


I always write down when I give my kids medications. Writing it down helps me remember to give them their next dose, especially if I am alternating Tylenol and Motrin. Writing down medications is beneficial if your child has an allergic reaction, and the ER wants to know everything and the amounts they’ve taken. In this section, I also made a copy of the dosage charts for Tylenol and Motrin.

Medicine Tracker
Medicine Tracker

Milestones & Firsts

This is another section often found in the baby’s memory book. My memory books, however, didn’t have the list of what I should record; it just had a sheet titled FIRSTS. I know this list is quite detailed, but it is fun to note when they do all of their firsts!

Milestone and Firsts
Milestone and Firsts

Nursing and Feeding

The Nursing and Feeding section can have all sorts of goodies. If you’re feeling up to it, you can write out your favorite recipes for homemade baby food. I was short on time so I didn’t get to it, sorry Nicki! I did print off the breastmilk storage guidelines from

To use the chart I included in this section, the mom would have to have some sort of a baby scale. I have the HealthPro “Watch Me Grow” digital scale, and I love it! 

What she would do would be to weigh her baby right before nursing and then immediately after nursing. Doing this will help the her know how many ounces the baby is getting at each feeding. This information is useful if you’re trying to know how much pumped milk to put in a bottle or if you are worried they aren’t getting enough milk.

Nursing Amounts
Nursing Amounts

Parenting Info

This is a section I left empty. She can put any articles, DVDs or even a book in this section.

Pediatrician Visits

If I don’t write down the questions I have for my pediatrician, I usually forget to ask. I printed off 10 copies of this sheet to put in the Pediatrician Visits section. It has a space for her to write out her questions as well as specific instructions the pediatrician may have for the baby.

Notes for Pediatrician Visits
Notes for Pediatrician Visits

Shot Records

In this section I put a copy of the CDC’s immunization schedule. This will tell her when specific shots are recommended. She can also put the immunization information sheets she gets from the pediatrician’s office in this section.


This section is more for fun. I’ve kept track of all the different states my boys have visited. In this section, I also put a copy of the Packing Lists from my earlier post on packing.

Travel Tracker
Travel Tracker


In the keepsakes section, I put a list to keep track of gifts. This would also be a great place to put wristbands from the hospital and all of those special items you don’t want to lose.

List of Gifts
List of Gifts


This really was a fun little project, and one that I hope my friend will use and enjoy! Feel free to print these PDFs and make a Baby Records Organizer for your pregnant friends!


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