Baby Registry Items: The Nursery

Each nursery is different, but the staple items will always be the same. Some people put their baby in the nursery the first night they are  home from the hospital, others wait weeks or months. Even if you plan to keep the baby in your room for a while, it will still be nice to have the nursery completely set up before the baby arrives. Here are the items I feel are important to have.

The Crib

Our crib was made by my stepdad, so I don’t have first hand experience in purchasing a crib. There are SO many different options that you really need to look at the style you want, the safety ratings, where they are made, and how much you are willing to spend. If you plan on having your kids pretty close together and don’t want to buy more than one crib, I’d skip the convertible cribs. Our kids are just less than 2 years apart and so they were all able to use the same crib. Our kids each moved into their big beds when their younger siblings were moving into their crib. A couple recommended cribs are IKEA Sniglar, DaVinci Kalani, and Pali Imperia. 

Colgate Dual Firmness Mattress

We did a dual sided foam mattress. One side was very firm for when they are younger and the other side is softer for when they are older. It is foam which I like because it isn’t the noisy plastic like some of the other ones and there are no springs for jumping! 


We used our dresser as a changing table too, just make sure the height will work for you. I’d say no highter than belly button height. I personally feel like changing tables are a waste of money. Our kids were so squirmy that a changing table would have been pointless. We were mostly changing them on the floor or bed by 5 months old.

Glider & Ottoman

Some people like the old fashion rocking chairs, but if you plan to use this a lot, I’d go with a glider and ottoman. Make sure the arm rests are padded, especially if you are nursing. Being able to lock the glider is also important. You may want to lock it in a reclined position or just lock it when you are getting up/down. You may also want to see how easily the glider can be washed. We have a microfiber fabric on ours and spitup can be easily cleaned off if you do it right away. 

Side Table

You’ll want some sort of a table next to where you nurse for a water bottle, burp clothes, breast pump, nursing pads, etc. I used an inexpensive 3-shelf organizer from ClosetMaid. I put a couple of the fabric bins on the top 2 shelves and my breast pump on the bottom shelf. 


We have so many kid books that we have 18 linear feet of books! We have two of the 9-cube organizers full of books at our house. Eventually we will get a bigger, stronger bookshelf, but this size is perfect for little kids. You don’t want them to be able to climb on a high shelf. 

Video Monitor

Do yourself a favor and splurge on a video monitor. We didn’t have one with our first and I was constantly panicked that he had rolled over onto his stomach and was suffocating. Make sure you can add multiple cameras to once receiver, we have 3 on one and it scans through them all. Also, make sure you read up on the interference capabilities, battery life, range,  and resolution. We have a Motorola MBP36S and have been happy with it. We had an issue with our receiver, and they replaced it for free, which I thought was great. 

Rock N Play Deluxe

We have the Snugapuppy Deluxe Newborn Rock N Play by Fisher Price. We didn’t get this until our third baby, and I wish we had it for the first two. Our third is currently 5 months old and still sleeps in this each night. It’s very light weight so you can move it all over the house. The height is perfect for next to your bed when the baby is really young. If you have a baby with reflux, it’s the perfect sleeping solution! 

Crib Bedding

I wouldn’t go all out on a fancy quilt or set. You won’t be able to really use it. They aren’t supposed to have much in bed with them anyway. I started using a little 30” square minky blanket for them when they were about 10 months old. My kids were walking by then and the SIDS risk was much less.

Fitted sheets (2)

Summer Infance Ultimate Crib Sheet (2)

These are awesome! Just wait for your kid to blow out a diaper or puke in the night and you’ll be thanking me for suggesting this one! 

Mattress Pad

You’ll only need one if you use Ultimate Crib Sheets because those are waterproof as well. 

Receiving Blankets

This is up to you, but I wouldn’t put this on your registry. People will buy you a ton of blankets even though you don’t register for them. We got at least 20, seriously! I’m also pretty picky on blankets and my kids love their 30″ square minky blankets.

Swaddle Blankets

All 3 of our kids hated to be swaddled so we didn’t use these much. We did get some Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and used them as lightweight blankets in the summer. 

HALO SleepSacks

What I like about sleep sacks is that the baby gets to sleep with a “blanket” without the dangers of sleeping with a blanket. Some even have the ability to swaddle the arms. 

Crib Mobile

If you find one to go with your room decor, then I’d recommend getting one. We didn’t have one, just because I couldn’t find one that worked with the design of the room. Our older boys love the Pillow Pet Dream Lites. 

Changing Pad

We put this on the dresser. Make sure it is contoured and waterproof. 

Changing Pad Covers (2)

We used Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover. It’s nice and soft and doesn’t get stretched out. 



I’d choose a fun lamp that matches the decor of your nursery. Try to find a lamp that lets you use a 3-way bulb.

Storage Bins for Toys

I use clear plastic bins. These are great because you can see what is in each bin. I put labels with pictures on each one so my older kids know what goes where when they pick up themselves. 

Closet Organizers

Each pocket can hold 2 pair of shoes or a hat. Make sure you get mesh so you can see through them. Baby shoes are so small that they won’t stick up through the top. 

Closet Dividers

I love having these. You’ll always want to keep the next size in the closet because babies grow so quickly. These help you stay organized! 

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