Baby Registry Items: Nursing and Feeding

This was a big land of unknown for me when I was setting up my registry. I didn’t know anything about breastfeeding and definitely didn’t have the right stuff at first. Hopefully this will help you all not have to fumble around with it as much as I did at first.


Medela In Style Breast Pump

If you plan on going back to work or pumping a lot, do not skimp on your pump. I pumped a ton with my first and would have been in big trouble without this awesome pump. The tote is great because you can carry all your accessories and stuff in the top! 

Johnson & Johnson Breast Pads

These were the only ones I found that weren’t totally obvious through my shirt. You can still see them, yes, but they are the best out there, in my opinion. When your milk first comes in, you’ll definitely want to wear these at night and out in public. In fact, you may want to buy a box before you have the baby and wear them when you search for postpartum clothes. 

Breast Cream

I didn’t use this because my babies didn’t like the taste at all. Medela Tender Care Lanolin is what I hear people talk about. However, you will probably get enough free samples in the mail to get you through the first part of nursing. 

Soothies Gel Pad

You need these! It was down right shocking to me how much my nipples hurt the first few weeks of nursing. These soothies saved me! A few minutes in the fridge and they will make you feel so much better! 

Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags

These are my favorite for freezer storage. 

Medela 5oz. Bottle Set.

I pump into these bottles and even used them as bottles to feed my little ones before switching to larger bottles. You’ll want to get a few extra nipples if you plan on using these a lot. I mostly nursed so I didn’t need very many. 

Pumping Bustier

If you don’t want pumping to suck, you need this. If you don’t, you will have to hold those puppies to your chest the entire time! Thanks to this, you can be hands-free and somewhat relax! 

Eddie Bauer Nursing Privacy Cover

I’ve used the Hooter Hider and a homemade cover, but the Eddie Bauer cover takes the cake. It has a formable insert so you can actually see your baby and your baby can get some fresh air. 

Nursing Bras and Tank Tops

Buy yourself a ton of the tank tops. I live in them the entire time I nurse. You can wear them alone or as undershirts. Underwire is way too painful when you are engorged so stay away from anything with underwire. The only time I wear a bra when I’m nursing is when I wear a sports bra. 



You should get enough free samples in the mail. Even if you plan on nursing, it’s nice to have a backup in the house just in case. My milk took 4-5 days to come in with my first and so I had to do a few formula bottles.

Carter’s Bibs

No matter what, just make sure they bibs you get are snap bibs. The velcro will stick to everything in the wash and will eventually not stick as well. Also, make sure they are water resistant. A lot of babies wear this to prevent drool from giving them a rash. 

Burp Cloths

Gerber diapers with fun flannel fabrics sewn on are my favorite. Make sure it’s flannel though, or the spit up will run right off and not absorb. 


Don’t go crazy here. Each baby is completely different and bottles are too expensive to go all-in without the baby’s consent. Our first baby used Avent and our second used Tommee Tippee. Dr. Browns is also a popular choice. I did buy a Comotomo bottle to try with our third as soon as he decides to take a bottle. 

Bottle Brush

They are all pretty much the same. Try to find one that will suction to the sink. 

Bottle Warmer

We had the Baby Pro by First Years with our first two, but it looked pretty rough by the time we were done with our second. I have the Boon Orb Bottle Warmer for our third. 

Bottle Drying Rack

Make sure you like your drying rack. You will keep it out for a long time… like 4 years +. Bottles and sippy cups have so many parts, it’s ridiculous. We have both the Spin and Store by First Years and the Boon Grass. 

Dishwasher Caddy

Again, I used this a bunch with our first, but not much with the younger two. I’ve found it is best to hand wash all of the baby bottles so they don’t turn colors in the dishwasher. 

Formula Dispenser

Try to get a pack that has a 3 section dispenser and a single dispenser. 

Snack Cups

Munchkin cups with the soft plastic guards are great. 

Infant Spoons

The Gerber Infant Spoons are popular, but I don’t like them. You want to make sure the spoon is deep enough to actually hold food. I like the Munchkin spoons in the bright colors. 


This is similar to bottles in that each kid will gravitate towards different pacifiers. You could just buy one pack of each and see what they like! My first two were big Nuk fans, and my third refused a pacifier completely.

Pacifier Clip/Holder

I always leave one clipped to the car seat so I know I will never leave the house without one! 


The Kinderville Little Bites Stackable Bowls are so great. They are expensive, but totally worth it. They are silicone and are microwave and dishwasher save. Because they are silicone, they almost grip the table and make pushing them around difficult, which will make you happy when you hit the toddler years. 

Fisher Price Space Saver

I am a big fan of the Space Saver high chair. You’ll want to sit while you feed your baby so being at the same level will save your back! I love that our baby can sit right with the rest of us at the table. 

Portable High Chair

The Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat is pretty easy to clean and take with you. We actually use this at the table in place of the Space Saver high chair once our kid turn about 10 months old. They are also inexpensive enough that you could purchase one for a family member you visit frequently so you don’t have to lug one around. 

BEABA Babycook

Making your own baby food is super easy with this Babycook! This appliance will steam and then blend the food. It’s quick and easy to clean as well! 

Baby Food Storage

When you make your own baby food, it’s best to store it in the freezer trays for 24 hours then transfer them to a plastic back labeled with what the food is and the date. I’ve been happy with the Fresh Baby So Easty Baby Food Trays 

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