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Building the Perfect Registry

The newness of your pregnancy has probably just started to wear off and reality is sinking in. You’re going to have a baby! Holy crap… there are so many items out there for babies! What do you really need? How do you know what to register for? My hope is that this list will help alleviate some of that stress and give you a great starting point.

As far as where to register, I suggest one in-store and one online. My top choices would be Target and Amazon. Some people will want to go in and touch and feel the gift they give. Others are perfectly happy buying your wish items online. The suggestions I am giving you can pretty much all be found on Amazon. Another cool thing about both of these registries is that they will send you a coupon to complete your registry just before your due date!

I’ve divided the registry into 6 different categories to (hopefully) make this process a little less overwhelming. No need to rush through it. Enjoy the process. You only get to have your first baby once!

Baby Registry Items: The Nursery

Baby Registry Items: Nursing and Feeding

Baby Registry Items: Diapers, Bathing and Baby Care

Baby Registry Items: Travel

Baby Registry Items: Toys & Activities

Baby Registry Items: Books, Clothes and Keepsakes

Once you’ve had the time to go through all of my suggestions and why I chose them, you can go ahead and print the 2 PDF’s below. The first is a list of all the registry items I recommend, and the second is a product tracker for you to fill out and keep up with your own selections!

Registry Building Checklist

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